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Symptomatic/Close Contact- Please do not enter store. Call from your car.

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Please carefully follow all the steps below.

Step-1 Check eligibility below for OHIP Coverage

Symptomatic people who fall into one of the following groups:

1- People aged 70 years and older
2- People aged 60 years and older who have less than three doses of COVID-19
3- People who are immunocompromised
4- Adults aged 18 years and older who have had less than three doses of COVID-19
       vaccine and have risk conditions:
          A-obesity (BMI ≥ 30kg/m2)
          C-heart disease, hypertension, congestive heart failure
          D- chronic respiratory disease, including cystic fibrosis
          E-cerebral palsy 
          F-intellectual disability
          G-sickle cell disease
          H- moderate or severe kidney disease (eGFR <60mL/min)
          I-moderate or severe liver disease (e.g., Child Pugh Class B or C cirrhosis)

5-Other people at higher risk of severe disease who may be eligible for COVID-19
     treatment if they tested positive
6-Pregnant Person
7- Patient-facing healthcare workers
8-Staff, volunteers, residents/inpatients, essential care providers, and visitors in
      highest risk settings
           Highest risk settings include: hospitals (including complex continuing care
           facilities and paramedic services), and congregate living settings with
           medically and socially vulnerable individuals, including, but not limited to long-term
           care homes, retirement homes, First Nation elder care lodges, group
           homes, shelters, hospices, correctional institutions, and hospital schools.

9- Household members of staff in highest risk settings and patient-facing health care
10- Home and community care workers
11-Staff and students in Provincial and Demonstration Schools
12-Elementary and secondary students and education staff who have received a PCR
       self-collection kit through their school
13-International Agriculture Workers in congregate living settings
14- Patients seeking emergency medical care, at the discretion of the treating clinician
15- Other outpatients for whom a diagnostic test is required for clinical management, at
       the discretion of the treating clinician
16- People who are underhoused or experiencing homelessness
17- First responders, including fire, police and paramedics

Symptomatic/asymptomatic people:

1- Individuals who are from a First Nation, Inuit, Métis community, and/or who selfidentify
     as First Nation, Inuit, and Métis, and their household members
2- Individuals travelling into First Nation, Inuit, Métis communities for work
3-On admission/transfer to or from hospital or congregate living setting
4- People in the context of confirmed or suspected outbreaks in highest risk settings as
     directed by the local public health unit
5-Individuals, and one accompanying caregiver, with written prior approval for out-ofcountry
     medical services from the General Manager, OHIP
6-Any patient with a scheduled surgical procedure requiring a general anaesthetic 24-
    48 hours prior to procedure date
7- Newborns born to people with confirmed COVID-19 at the time of birth within 24
    hours of delivery, with a repeat test at 48 hours after birth if baseline test is negative,
    or if the parental test results are pending at the time of discharge
8-People 24-48 hours prior to treatment for cancer or prior to hemodialysis, at the
     discretion of the treating clinician.

Step-3 Sample collection procedure video for Home testing

Step-4 Sample drop off at Pharmacy

Mon-Fri- Before 5:00 Pm
Sat-Sun- Before 12: 00 Pm

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